Natural Colour Diamond Store

Australia's Leading Colour Diamond Specialists

About Natural Colour Diamond Store

Natural Colour Diamond Store was established after our founders spent several years involved in diamond mining operations in Asia from 2006 till present. Through this involvement a source of select rough diamonds was established from the diamond fields of southern Borneo where the diamonds are renown for their quality and wide range of colours. 

When selecting rough we choose diamonds spanning all colours of the rainbow including canary yellow diamonds, green diamonds, orange diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds and champagne diamonds. 

Natural Colour Diamond Store engages diamond cutters directly to transform the rough diamonds into beautiful gem quality cut diamonds and gain certification by either IGI Antwerp, Global Gem Testing Laboratories or by our in house highly experienced gemologist.         


In the later part of 2009 Natural Colour Diamond Store's parent company was registered in Australia and branch office located in Perth was established. Diamond mining is still a major part of our business model and is being expanded to keep pace with our retail growth.