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About Colour Diamonds

The physical conditions necessary to colour a diamond naturally occur very scarcely, making natural colour diamonds extremely rare. For every 10,000 colourless diamonds found around the world there is only one natural colour diamond found. This entirely natural process of geographical formation ensures that each natural colour diamond has its own unique character. 
The formation of natural colour diamonds is a process that requires the presence of the rare conditions for additional trace elements and distortions to provide the unique circumstances for colouring of the diamond crystal. If an element interacts with carbon during the diamond creation, the diamond's colour can change. Radiation and pressure on a diamond's structure will also impact the colour as well. 

The presence of nitrogen can impart yellow or orange shades to a diamond. The presence of boron will impart a blue shade to a diamond. The presence of hydrogen produces unique violet hues. Tremendous pressure exerted on a diamond deep in the earth can abnormally compress its structure, thus creating a red, pink, purple or brown stone. Natural radiation impacting already formed diamonds over millions of years can give them a green hue.