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Blue Diamonds Rarer Than Pink Diamonds

For every Blue Diamond found at Argyle Diamond Mine ten times as many pink diamonds are found. It took several years production at the Argyle mine to gather enough Blue Diamonds to hold the "Once in a Blue Moon" collection, compared with the Pink Diamond collections showcased every year.  The 3.02 carat rough diamond pictured left is known as the "Chelsea Blue Diamond" and was found in the Southern Borneo diamond fields in 2006 by the diamond mining company BDI Mining. The diamond's intense blue colour made it the most remarkable diamond ever recovered by BDI mining.

Chelsea Blue Diamond No.2

Natural Fancy Intense Blue Diamond

Two years after the Chelsea Blue diamond was discovered by BDI Mining, in July 2008 the 1.67 carat rough diamond pictured above was recovered from the same geographical location. The discovery of a second extremely rare and unique fancy colour diamond with the same intense blue colour is extraordinary.  The rough diamond was hand carried to Antwerp and over a three month period world renowned colour diamond expert Arthur Langermen supervised the cutting of the diamond undertaking daily examinations as each facet took shape. The final result of the cutting process revealed a 0.91 carat pear shaped intense deep Blue Diamond so rare and unique in intense blue colour that Mr Langermen stated "in my entire lifetime I have only seen one other similar diamond".  

Silver Shadow Diamond

Natural Fancy Deep Silver Colour Diamond

The above 1.68 carat rough diamond was recovered from the Southern Borneo diamond fields in March 2006 by a traditional diamond miner working an alluvial diamond deposit near to the regional district of Martapura. The find confirmed the remarkable quality and selection of rare colour diamonds coming from the southern Borneo diamond fields locality. The rough diamond was cut and polished under the supervision of Antwerp's colour diamond expert Mr Arthur Langermen and resulted in the creation of rare and beautiful jewel in the form of a 0.75 carat oval shaped deep silver colour diamond. The "Silver Shadow Diamond" is a brilliant example of nature's ability to provide the unique circumstances required to produce a diamond of such exclusive colour and quality.

Fancy Natural Orange Diamond

Extremely Rare Pure Orange Diamond

The rough natural orange diamond indicated above with the green arrow was included in a parcel of rough diamonds acquired from a co-op of  local artisan diamond miners in a remote region of West Kalimantan. The diamonds were recovered from the sediments of the Landak River in the famous West Borneo diamonds fields once mined by the Dutch colonial rulers over 300 years ago.  After cutting and polishing the rough stone it revealed a very rare and unique Orange Diamond. A pure orange diamond is extremely rare and within the many large diamond inventories owned around the world very few could boast having more than a handful of pure orange diamonds in there collection. This princess cut 0.26 carat Natural Fancy Colour Orange Diamond is a superb example of rare pure orange diamond.